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How To Use Hubspot’s Website Grader

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How To Use Hubspot’s Website Grader

Security to encrypt information and protect the content of your pages. Keep in mind that the technology you use to develop your website is a key factor in obtaining a better (or worse) rating and position with Google. There are platforms like the HubSpot CMS that not only meet the required security parameters such as the integrated SSL certificate, but also provide you with a series of features that allow you to successfully cover all the other important factors of website rating. By properly using and configuring the HubSpot CMS, both your rankings and your traffic generation, leads, and sales results will benefit.

If you need advice or are looking for help to develop a new website that has everything you need to accelerate your company Remember that as an Inbound Marketing & Sales Agency we can Finland B2B List you How to use HubSpot’s website grader Using HubSpot’s Website Evaluator is easy and FREE. You just need: The URL of your website. An email. Complete the form And ready! You get the detailed analysis of your website. Reliable website grader results

Reliable Website Grader Results

Website Grader gives you an overview of your website’s performance in metrics from 1 to 100 . Take into account performance, SEO, mobile design and security. If you want to identify the specific points to improve, you can view them in the detailed report: Performance Obtain useful data on each technical aspect to consider to improve the performance of your website: Page size: the heavier your web page is, the longer it will take to load and your company can lose a large number of users.


Page requests: Every time a user wants to access your content, an HTTP request is made. The more requests your site makes, the longer it will take to load. Load speed: measures the overall time it took to load your web page. Ideally, the loading speed should be less than 5.3 seconds. Therefore, If it is slower, it is very likely that visitors will leave your page and you will lose opportunities for conversions and closing sales. Therefore, Browser caching: Caching allows your website to load faster when users visit the same site again.

Know The Good The Bad And The Worst Of Your Website With This Web Page Rater

Page redirects: If you changed the URL of your website. You will need to use page redirects to direct traffic to the new URL. Therefore, The more redirects you have, the slower your website will be. Image size: optimizing the size of the images will help you reduce the general weight of your page, speeding up the loading time. Compressed code. Therefore, Compressing and reducing the code used in each web page, makes the loading speed of your website faster.