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How to Prepare Our Curriculum in Pdf

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How to Prepare Our Curriculum in Pdf

Preparing our curriculum vitae and converting it into PDF for quick delivery is getting easier if we use the right tools.

Nowadays finding a job has become a difficult task, not only due to the economic situation and the scarce supply of vacancies, but also because we must also compete with many candidates whose training, experience and talent is more than proven.
In order to compete and find an opportunity, we have to differentiate ourselves and stand out.
Our appearance, the way we present ourselves, the vocabulary we use, our gestures and expressions … everything will be taken into account when it comes to a selection South-Korea Mobile Database of personnel. We have already talked on several occasions in this blog about how social media can help us enhance our personal brand and how our image depends on the smallest detail

that we have to take care of, therefore, once the opportunity is detected, it is essential that the first impression that the recruiter receives of us is optimal, in this way he will be more interested in us and we will surely get that personal interview than anyone in search of employment yearns every day.
For this we have to put the five senses in each step we take and a fundamental piece will be our Curriculum, that cover letter that if it fails, in most cases it will make us stay out of the selection processes, and even without any response. of the companies to which we have sent it.
We have seen very creative resumes in recent times, from journalists who sing in the subway, to messages in a bottle, any medium can be suitable if we are able to put our creativity in motion.

But there are times when the opportunity comes to us suddenly and if we do not have the CV at hand or updated to send or deliver it, we can lose an occasion that may not be repeated, so let’s see how in a few minutes we can make a resume, extracting the data from our Linkedin profile, that is if we will have to have all the complete and updated information because if not the result will be a disaster.
To make an Express CV , nothing better than , in less than a minute we will have a great online document that we can edit and download from the same page in Word, PDF or Open Office.

The online document allows you to navigate through its upper tabs through the indicators that are of greatest interest to the recruiter. If we download the document in Word, we can also edit, change the profile photo, the headings (in the original they appear in English) … and later we can convert it into PDF from here. If we want to be more original and not stay in a simple written document, we can use Resu-me, a very interesting tool, sponsored by Adecco, which will turn our Linkedin profile into a Video Curriculum. The locution is in English and I have not found a way to translate it, but it allows us to edit to include awards we have received, photos of our hobbies, new courses, positions …

The result is quite interesting, although it fails from time to time when uploading the photos, but the process will not take us more than 15 minutes.
You can see the result in THIS LINK Brother Cell Phone List.
This same tool also offers us an Infographic, which shows the main data of our profile, a little scarce but enough to get an idea of ​​the candidate. Europass Maker is another tool that in this case turns our profile into a European-formatted CV. It also allows us to record a presentation video, with this we will be able to give a first personal image, get closer to the recruiter and show our more human side Tools that will undoubtedly us will assist in our job search.