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How to Integrate Whatsapp Into Our Marketing Strategies

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How to Integrate Whatsapp Into Our Marketing Strategies

When we are about to develop a marketing strategy, on many occasions we do not think about the communication capacity, virality, high degree of response and loyalty that we can achieve, if we know how to integrate the WhatsApp application into it
The more than 300 million active users With which the application currently has, they leave no room for doubts and more if we pay attention to its forecast, which indicates high growth in Tunisia Mobile Database with figures that will approach 40 million active users in 2015 .
In addition, WhatsApp, unlike other platforms, contemplates an extremely wide age group of users and all kinds of targets, since the penetration of users on the mobile Internet in 2013, it has already reached 84% in Spain.
Some large companies and also small Spanish businesses have got down to work introducing the application in their strategies with excellent results.
The first brand that WhatsApp used in Spain was Pringles in 2012, following in its footsteps by Toyota, which carried out a successful campaign, in which they encouraged users to change their status on the platform, for the word “Hybridized” and register to be able to participate in the contest.
Each week a prize was awarded, verifying that users had maintained their status and sent personalized messages to each user, encouraging them to maintain it.
The results: 6,000 unique users and 33,000 visits.

Last year Nescafé Dolce Gusto Chile took another step forward, inviting Facebook users to create groups and communities on WhatsApp and interacting with each of them. The surprising results :
2,500 groups created, 25,00 new fans and 7,000 active users. But not only the big brands have used the tool successfully. SH Hoteles, a hotel chain that has 9 hotels in the Valencian Community, launched the following action last summer: A contest was held on Facebook for photographs taken in any of its hotels, which could be accompanied by a text.

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The prize consisted of 2 nights of stay for 2 adults and 2 children in Half Board, which could be enjoyed in a period of 6 months, in any hotel of the group.
To send the photos, the company Mail enabled for the contest could be used, upload them directly to Facebook or through a WhatsApp that included the name, the user’s email and a phrase if desired.
The results obtained do not cease to surprise:
Despite the fact that the Facebook update had more than 1,048 Likes and 142 comments, only 16% of the contestants uploaded their photo to the brand’s fan page.
43% of the contestants used the Mail as a way to send their photos.
curiously41% of the Brother Cell Phone List contestants used WhatsApp to send their photos to the brand.
In addition, it was possible to publicize the newly released page by gathering a community of more than 1,000 fans.
It is clear that WhatsApp works, we just need a little creativity to integrate it into our Marketing Strategy.