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How To Get Started In Internet Marketing In 8 Steps

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How To Get Started In Internet Marketing In 8 Steps

When I first started I asked myself, What am I going to do?, Who will I go to for help? How am I going to do this? As I got into it I just thought HELP!

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So let’s get started, I hope I can help you. Here is you basic 8 step process. There are lots of blanks to fill in because obviously I cannot give you a start to finish blueprint in this post but if you gain one valuable piece of information I hope it helps you. I already know the message I want you to take from this but let’s wait until a little later before I reveal it.

Step 1. Picking your Niche

What is your niche going to be – have you decided what it is you are going to sell?

• Is it you, your talent, your service to B2B?

• Are you going to enter the reseller market with Click bank or Click sure?

• Do you want to be an Affiliate Marketer?

• Online retail?