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How To Effectively Use Vanity Metrics

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How To Effectively Use Vanity Metrics

A great addition that social networks and other platforms have provided for brands and companies that develop digital marketing are statistical or analytical data, also referred to as metrics. According to Salesforce, the Cameroon Mobile Database top metrics for digital marketing are revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and ROI. If they know how to analyze them correctly, they are very helpful to know the results that a strategy has provided and based on this make modifications in the efforts carried out.

However, when it comes to these metrics used to analyze a campaign, many times the mistake of focusing on vanity metrics is made, those numbers that only serve to lift the ego. This data can be the number of followers, number of downloads, visits to the page, etc. According to Seth Godin, marketing expert, author of numerous bestsellers and creator of concepts such as Permission Marketing and Viral Marketing, “Those clicks, views, likes are only there because they are easy but not relevant… Vanity metrics are easy to obtain compared with other value metrics such as ROI or Customer Lifetime Value ”. However, although they may not be so relevant, if they can be used effectively to solve some problems, it is recommended to consider the following points:

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A / B Testing : Vanity metrics work to positively impact your marketing goals. An example is performing A / B testing and analyzing data such as CTR to find out if the content is relevant to the audience. The idea is to establish a hypothesis and determine the correlation between what could be obtained in terms of impressions and clicks when using one version of a piece of content compared to another, and through this make adjustments in what will be produced in the future.

Content troubleshooting: Metrics such as impressions and clicks are helpful in finding issues with running campaigns that have lower than expected results. Through their analysis, it is possible to respond to questions regarding whether the correct audience is being reached, a sufficient number of people or whether the content is appropriate for people.

ROI Analysis: Although vanity metrics contribute to ROI, it is very ambiguous to determine how much they impact it. Therefore, vanity metrics should focus on measuring the improvement and quality of conversions as well as the Brother Cell Phone List “Customer Lifetime Value” to better understand how the consumer experience evolves over time.

In the analysis of metrics it is a task that will undoubtedly continue to be executed as the digital world grows and therefore it is essential to know which ones are the most appropriate to measure and make decisions. But still, vanity metrics can also go a long way when given the right approach.