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How to Avoid the Devastating Email Marketing Mistakes

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How to Avoid the Devastating Email Marketing Mistakes

We read it everywhere, whether in specialized publications or on our forum that the future of online marketing and customer relationship involves emailing.

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Indeed, email marketing is a formidable tool to consolidate the relationship with the customer, however, this same tool can be devastating if you do not make it right. Here are seven points to monitor in particular.

1 – Contact only people who have subscribed.

If you contact people who do not wish to receive your messages, you’ll quickly be termed as a “spammer” and even more quickly lose all your credibility and your chances of profitability.

If you are talking to people of “high quality

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” (CEOs, etc. …), it is strongly recommended that you opt for a double confirmation solution: the visitor asks to receive messages by ticking the appropriate box and then must return an email to confirm its inclusion.

2 – Allow readers to unsubscribe.