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Heart Inside an App That Installs a Heart and Feelings on Our Computer

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Heart Inside an App That Installs a Heart and Feelings on Our Computer

Can you imagine being able to install a heart on our computer? Save The Children has launched Heart Inside , the first web application in Spain Mobile Database that generates a donation for each purchase we make online, at no economic cost to the buyer , since it gets an automatic contribution from the stores, which will go to the NGO. This initiative already has more than 15,000 affiliated stores , including shops, restaurants and online travel agencies. The contribution to Save the Children varies depending on each store, from 1% to 30% of the purchase.

When we install the app on our computer, we are putting a heart into it and filling it with feelings, thus making the technology we use every day more human.
Online commerce generates more than 30 million euros a day in Spain, if all users who make these purchases had this application installed on our computer and companies donated an average 2% for each purchase, up to 600,000 euros could be raised each day, at no cost to the user.

The application can be installed in THIS LINK , where we also find information on all the stores that collaborate and the percentage that each one destines to Save the Children.
With just one click, the application is installed in the browser and all purchases made from that moment will be solidarity.
All proceeds will go to Save the Children programs both inside and outside of Spain to serve the most vulnerable children.
In addition, if we register on the web, Brother Cell Phone List we can send the link to our contacts and we will know how much we have contributed to the NGO with all the purchases they make.
Do you dare to install a heart on your computer?