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Guillermo Del Toro Grants Scholarships

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Guillermo Del Toro Grants Scholarships

If you ever wanted to study film abroad, this is your time! The renowned director and winner of two Oscars for the film “The Shape of Water”, Guillermo del Toro, presented the official call for the second edition of the 2020 Jenkins-Del Toro Scholarship with the aim of supporting young fans who want study cinema. According to the web portal of the scholarship, it was born from the collaboration between the Mary Street Jenkins Foundation, Guillermo Del Toro, the Board of Trustees of the International Film

Festival in Guadalajara, AC, the University of Guadalajara and the University of Guadalajara Foundation AC Scholarship The scholarship at people of Mexican nationality who want to study in the face-to-face modality of a bachelor’s or master’s degree in cinematography. Through Pitcairn Islands B2B List Twitter account, Del Toro offered an invitation to participate in the scholarship. Whose educational value is 60,000 dollars that can be used in a higher-university study center abroad. Is ideal for putting its services center stage. And being part of the current conversation.

The 2020 Jenkins-del Toro Scholarship

This time is always special for everyone, because it means the beginning of a new year, which usually means that we stop to think about the goals that lie ahead. Our timeline begins with being very enthusiastic about our purposes and being very ambitious, however, as January passes, we tend to procrastinate, it is difficult for us to get that will to do them and we forget about those goals that we set for ourselves. Why is it usually like this? In this note we tell you habits that we usually have to set our goals and why this 2020 will be different.


Star Wars is one of the film sagas that has captivated us over the years and has had a great influence on the creative world. Many generations grew up with the scream of laser backs and created a futuristic and avant-garde world. Therefore, Now with the premiere of the ‘Rise of Skywalker’, this franchise reaches 12 films. This brand, which initially belonged to the creative genius George Lucas. Currently belongs to the Walt Disney Company, which has increased its sales throughout the world. In this note, we tell you how Star Wars became a source of inspiration in the creative world.

The Scholarship Is Aim At People

A great year is coming to an end for everyone and I say to myself “great year” because this 2019. We experienced many things that aroused many emotions in us from Iron Man defeating Thanos. The last season of Game of Thrones, challenges that went viral and more. Therefore, In this article we will share the of 2019, data that was shared precisely by the same social network. Therefore,  game of Thrones The announcement of the last season of one. Of the most successful series caused a lot of fury on social networks, especially on Twitter.