Generation Zillenial:

The New Horizon of Digital Marketing

The Zillennial generation , that microgeneration that is neither Millennials nors lately becoming the center of attention for modern digital marketing strategies. This generation is in its thirties or close to thirty and is establishing itself as a unique demographic group, armed with distinctive habits and preferences that represents a challenge and an opportunity for brands around the world.


Their childhood has been marked by the rise and revolution o


f technology: from the first Nokia phones to the latest iPhone model. They were not Hungary Mobile Number List born with a phone or tablet in

Unlike previous generations, the Zillenial generation spends a significant amount of time online , browsing through various digital platforms. They prefer interactive and visual content , such as videos and live streams, and value authenticity and creativity in the brands they follow. They are very comfortable with Instagram and are


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increasingly taking share their experiences and lives , or at least to see those of others.

Characteristics of Zillenials

  1. Digital Users : They grew up with technology and t
  2. he internet, making them extremely skilled at using digital devices and online platforms, although not as much as a Z nor as little as a Millennial.
  3. Progressive Mindset : They tend to be more open and progressive on social and political issues, including diversity, equality and climate change.
  4. Tn is vital to ensure a future. But they are also self-taught and use the Internet to expand their knowledge.
  5. Entrepreneurial Mindset : Many Zillennials have a strong inclination towards entrepreneurship, seeking to create their own business opportunities and careers, a result of the self-help mentality and culture.
  6. Mental Health and Wellbeing : They are more aware of the importance of mental health and wellbeing, and are open to discussing and seeking help on these issues.
  7. Consumer Preferences : They tend to prefer experiences over material  Albania Phone Number List possessions and value sustainability and social responsibility in the brands they choose.
  8. Visual Communication : They lean towards more visual and brief forms of communication, such as memes, emojis and GIFs, reflected in their intensive use of platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. This is not understood in many cases by Millennials or even by the Zs.


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