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Flipagram an app to create videos with your Instagram and Facebook photos with music

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Flipagram an app to create videos with your Instagram and Facebook photos with music

Flipagram is an application that allows us to create a video with all our photos, in which we can also include the accompanying music. Its operation is very simple, we just have to download the app from the Apple Store or Goolge Play and start the process. The first thing Venezuela Mobile Database will find will be a screen where we can select our photos from Instagram, Facebook and Albums of the mobile terminal that we are using. Then the app will ask us to give permissions to our accounts. Once the photos of each album have been chosen, we validate and at the bottom we can select to add more photos, to be able to include from other galleries

The tool allows you to exchange the photos and place them in the order we want, as well as indicate the speed at which we want them to be displayed.
Once the choice is finished, we will only have to include the music, which we can upload from our terminal and edit the duration time more or less slow and the font that we want to use and the watermark (only for a while because later it is paid).

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Once the video is edited, we can upload it to YouTube (be careful with the music because if it is protected it will give us an error) and share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, send it by mail, SMS or save it on our mobile terminal.
And this is the result

Without a doubt, Brother Cell Phone List is a great tool to create videos of our favorite photos.