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Excess Idea Panama Phone Number and Drafting Capacity

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Excess Idea Panama Phone Number and Drafting Capacity

We began talking about the possible ramifications of hiring a full- or part-time writer or freelancer to assist the business. At first, Michael resisted the idea but as the discussion progressed. Michael saw that his hesitance to expand his company’s capacity damaged his growth. In addition, he began to see the possibilities if he scaled. His business by hiring more people to increase its capacity. As we ended that meeting, Michael planned to Panama Phone Number try the following: Meet with Susan (co-owner) to discuss the conflict and ensure they were on the same page to resolve it Research, hire, and train a copywriter Fourth meeting We resume our story about a month later.

Company Editorial Panama Phone Number Calendar

Over the last month, Michael was able to implement the following changes to the company’s ideation and drafting stages in their content production Panama Phone Number process. He hired a good copywriter for 20 hours a week at $20 an hour (much less than the estimated $100 to $200 an hour). Michal estimates that the company can create 52 pieces a week. Michael and Susan spend only one day each week reviewing topic ideas and planning the company editorial Panama Phone Number calendar. They can afford to spend a couple of hours each week to come up with a ton of ideas without jeopardizing the rest of the company to do so. It has increased the idea stage capacity to about 150.

Hiring More Panama Phone Number Writers

Panama Phone Number

Direct results: Relieved, Michael can focus his time on brainstorming ideas as well as the company’s growth. Michael will continue to watch the company’s capacity to Panama Phone Number service its clients. If, at any point, it seems capacity is running low. He committed to increasing that capacity by either extending the hours of his copywriter or by hiring more writers. Indirect results: Excess idea and drafting capacity is used to create a more consistent company brand. They are able to consistently post great branded content that will ultimately increase the overall Panama Phone Numbers demand for their services. New content flow Go Left Marketing’s new and improved. Weekly drafting rate at 52 per week is an increase of 240%.