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Evolution and Trends of Social Media and Digital Marketing for 2014

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Evolution and Trends of Social Media and Digital Marketing for 2014

It seems that many of the predictions that we predicted at the beginning of 2013 , have been fulfilled.
These 12 months have been intense, we have seen how the designs of our profiles on the main social networks have changed, how the Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ company pages have evolved and implemented new functionalities, how statistics and tools have improved, or how little by little brands have begun to advertise more frequently.
We have witnessed the first live streaming of Siemens on Twitter, we have been able to receive personalized information in our mail about a brand of our interest with just one click on a tweet thanks to Twitter Cards and we have seen how the use of Twitter hashtags has been consolidated in many TV programs. But what awaits us in 2014? It is always the million dollar question, since at the speed that platforms develop, when we want to tell that something is new, we already have to start writing the new of the new, but we are going to be brave and take risks: Twitter will continue its growth , offering increasingly segmented advertising and its most complete measurement and statistics tool.

It will be the definitive year of the integration of the platform with TV, offering brands the possibility of doubling their impacts, directly contacting the audience that has followed and interacting with a program through a specific hashtag.
It will favor contact between users with the same concerns, it will continue its battle to rid us of trolls, pedophiles, spammers and other intruders that hinder the work of other users.
From the commercial department, they will help SMEs to understand the usefulness of the platform, offering a direct treatment and user manuals, encouraging the use of Twitter Ads as an advertising vehicle in their 360 strategies.
As for Vine, I’m sure that throughout the year they will surprise us with some important news, the 6 seconds penalize the platform with respect to Instagram, but both users and brands are increasingly giving free rein to their creativity and we have already begun to see interesting videos that will be improved and will surely surprise us.
In 2013 we have observed how users are much more proactive, both when publishing on their own profiles and when interacting with those of their friends, as well as with brands, so the trend seems to move in that direction. More careful publications and active participation of users in profiles, pages and groups.
Brands will have to wake up if they want their updates to be seen by their fans, so they will have to increase their advertising budgets on the platform and be much more creative.
As much as some insist on defenestrating this network, its growth and interactivity show that little by little a significant gap is being made among users. The importance of hangouts, the interesting news in photography, the integration with all Google products and the positioning it offers will be decisive for its global implementation.
It will continue to grow apace, maintaining its position as the most widely used mobile photography and video platform. They will have to get serious with the spammers who flood our profiles on a daily basis and are really annoying.
Personally, it is not a network that has caught me, but it comes in handy as a repository of images, articles and infographics, as well as to show personal work as a resume or gallery of products for companies. Brands still have a long way to go and will have to understand the platform as a vehicle for traffic to their online stores.
As for users, the smoke will dissipate, 2013 has been a year of unmasking characters and shady actions, the “influencers” have become “connectors” and it has been shown that We are ALL capable of influencing our network, whatever size it is.
Users with powerful networks created with common sense, who serve their contacts, contribute and are valued by their community, will be the really valuable for brands. As for Uruguay Mobile Database Digital Marketing , the great battle will be on several fronts: On the one hand, the segmentation of audiences by content and behavior of website readers. The media will have to improve their platforms so that they can offer a more focused service that really provides users with advertising content that is of interest to them and does not produce indifference or rejection. The payment per click will be more demanded by the brands and the cost of the actions logically higher.


Agencies and brands will look for users willing to advertise their products not only on their blogs, but also to spread messages and information on their personal profiles.
The challenge of finding a global measurement tool will continue, which really provides reliable data on users and the different platforms.
More and more, the so-called Social Media Intelligence will be used more with the aim of knowing more intensely consumers not globally, but in particular for sending messages and personalized treatment.
Careful and well-managed email marketing will play a great role (we have a lot of data to know our consumers).
The number of SMEs that will finally launch their online stores will increase.

Content Marketing and Transmedia will be an ally to generate movement and virality towards the products.
Emotional campaigns will continue to seduce users, so we will see more campaigns that “reach” the heart of the consumer.
Meetings with bloggers will continue to be interesting to disseminate brand experiences and content, but actions will be measured much more, they will be more personalized and less invasive for other users.
Gaminification will take on a new dimension through augmented reality that Brother Cell Phone List increasingly includes many more impressive developments.
The Google Glasses will give cause to talk since from 2014 they will gradually integrate into our daily lives and there will be many more privileged people who will be able to use them.
Mobile advertising will experience a great advance, users will begin to be paid for views, we will see a notable increase in mobile applications and geolocation.
We will get used to the use of touch screens and who knows if it does not take a long time, they will be able to interpret our mood by gestures and guess our interest by “reading” our gaze towards a certain content.
The movement that has been created around Human Resources will favor a new form of management.
Many experts on the subject work every day to change companies from within and this will undoubtedly affect the way of communicating both internally and externally.
Finally we will see how brands will care much more aboutincorporate into its marketing departments professionals from the sector who, in addition to traditional marketing, communication, advertising … have been trained in new trends. Similarly, in-company training will be increased in companies to retrain their staff.