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Email – Turning Email Back Into an Effective Communication Tool

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Email – Turning Email Back Into an Effective Communication Tool

Email is arguably the most used communication tool on the planet today. Since it stumbled into the communication landscape Iran Email List its impact has been exponential.

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Undoubtedly, email has introduced greater efficiency in communication. It is cheap, fast, convenient, you can reach many people at the same time and at different locations.

Take an isolated country such as Australia. Email helps to offer Australia inclusiveness and competitiveness in the global business market. Time zones and the tyranny of distance become irrelevant or at least minimised when information can be exchanged so quickly and easily.

Given these great advantages, one could assume that communication in the workplace today is more effective than ever before thanks to email. However, is this really the case?

Email Database

The information overload via email is reaching critical proportions. Employees are starting to turn into mere email processors. It is not uncommon for an employee to receive 150-200 emails a day. This prolific use of email is a key threat to it