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Email Spamming And Cell Phone Spamming Are Unprofessional Marketing Methods You Must Avoid

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Email Spamming And Cell Phone Spamming Are Unprofessional Marketing Methods You Must Avoid

Many marketers are so much involved in email spamming and cell phone spamming. But do you know how bad spamming is to other internet and cell phone users? There is nothing as stressful on the internet as opening your email box only to see a long list of interruptive emails sent without being requested. These emails are commonly known as spam or

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more stressful to switch on your phone and you get welcomed by numerous and repeated advertising messages that you have never subscribed to. Such emails and phone messages are sent to hundreds or thousands of people with an intention of making money but through using unethical ways of advertising.

A good marketer will always send emails and messages to people who have subscribed to them. But sending such stuff to people who have not willingly asked for it is very unprofessional. Posting adverts to discussion groups and forums is also contrary to professional marketing standards, which everyone SHOULD AVOID. Email spamming and cell phone spamming are currently a very big problem to all internet and cell phone users re Ecuador Email List spectively. It’s a bad practice that calls for our concerted effort to fight against it.

How do spammers get access to your contacts? They do it by automatically collecting people’s e-mail addresses listed on websites, a process commonly known as scavenging. There are also those who use dictionary terms to develop email addresses by guessing. At times they purchase the contacts through list brokers.