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Logo Designs Service Elevating Your Content to the Next Level

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Logo Designs Service Elevating Your Content to the Next Level

Stefanie Flaxman: Mm-hmm (affirmative). I think it’s a great example of that middle road, because it’s the extremes that keep people stuck. Right? The two you just mentioned. And it’s actually a way to find a way Logo Designs Service forward in the middle of like, “Everybody’s gonna care” or “Nobody’s gonna care.” And then these are quick ways to make your idea fade away and nothing happens. I can give Logo Designs Service you a personal example of my thinking when I was much younger and decided to start my own independent business. I had writing and editing jobs before I wanted to start my own online editing service. And when. I was researching other people doing similar things, there were so many. 


So I Thought, “i’ll Logo Designs Service Only Do

Editing services, and that’s what’s going to help me stand out. And I’m just going to be an editor. It turns out there’s a reason people identify as writers Logo Designs Service and editors, because it’s pretty hard to get just editing work, especially when you’re just starting out. But I thought I was really specific, and that was going to make me stand Logo Designs Service out and move me forward. And what ended up happening was that people found me, but they didn’t need things to just change. They needed things written. So they’re like, ‘Hey, we found you, but we need you to write this. It looks like you are qualified to do so.people who identified themselves as writer and editor, or writer/editor, that profession. And that seemed really vague to me.

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And So It Was, Logo Designs Service I Don’t Know

If humiliating is the right word, but it was a good lesson that I needed to be flexible and not just… Because I wasn’t going to turn down this job.  Logo Designs Service People were finding me, I was doing something good, but it just wasn’t what I expected. Or there was a reason people had these titles like slashes, writer/editor. It’s not that they Logo Designs Service weren’t experts either, it’s just the environment. So you have to make mistakes like that. Yeah. Darrell Vesterfelt: I love this example, because it was you experimenting with an idea. And you gained a better understanding of your customer. And I think what you understood.