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Do You Collaborate With Me in the Telemaraton Solidario “We Are All Unique”?

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Do You Collaborate With Me in the Telemaraton Solidario “We Are All Unique”?

The time has come to take action, it is not enough to say that we are in solidarity, we must take another step and get involved.
For this reason, I have decided to accept the invitation of Isabel Gemio and Gema Piñeiro, to actively collaborate in the TVE Telemarathon next Sunday, an initiative that takes place on the occasion of the national year of rare diseases, which has joined the Spanish Federation of Diseases Raras (FEDER), the Spanish Federation of Neuromuscular Diseases (ASEM) and the Isabel Gemio Foundation , to create a solidarity movement under the generic title of WE ARE ALL RARE, WE ARE ALL UNIQUE .
It will be 6 intense hours, surely a few more Poland Mobile Database to prepare everything, because Gema and I will be on the TVE set, living every minute to be able to share this event with as many users as possible on Social Networks.
The objective of this Telemarathon will be to raise funds for the research of rare diseases and thus be able, together, to do our bit to help people who suffer from them.

A group of Spanish singers (Miguel Ríos, Miguel Poveda, Estrella Morente, Ana Belén, Victor Manuel, Pasión Vega, Sole Giménez and Sergio Dalma) have covered the song “Today can be a great day” by Joan Manuel Serrat for this Telemarathon, who has ceded all the benefits for the rights of this version that will go directly to Research for Rare Diseases. The song can already be purchased on the main online music platforms.

From here I ask for your solidarity support so that you follow the program next Sunday on Twitter through the hashtag #telemaraton We will
also share with you from the program profile @Todossomoraros , as well as from our personal profiles @ Brother Cell Phone List , everything that goes happening on the set, presenters, interviews, singers, comedians … and most importantly, how are the auctions and finally the collection obtained for the Investigation of these diseases.
Between all of us, we can surely achieve it. Thanks for your support