The top 5 CRMs for Gmail

While the above criteria are important to keep in mind, it can still be tricky to narrow down all your different options. If you’re still unsure The top 5 CRMs which is the best one for you, here’s our pick of the best CRMs that integrate with Gmail.

1. Capsule
A screenshot in Gmail with the Capsule integration sidebar
Capsule CRM focuses on making managing customer relationships as simple as possible, while still delivering powerful features to help you close more deals, retain more clients and grow your business.

Reviewers are particularly impressed with how easy it is to use Capsule with Gmail.

“The ease with which we’re able to save information on clients, and reach out to clients directly from the program, instead of logging in and out of Gmail a hundred times a day. When I need help, their support team is on the ball, super quick, every time. Very appreciated!”

Katy D Verified G2 review

You can further expand Capsule’s email capabilities with Transpond, an email marketing tool that works seamlessly with your CRM. The integration makes it easy to run personalized email campaigns to your Capsule contacts, targeting different Oman Phone Numbers segments of your customer base and seeing how they engage with your emails with key metrics.

What’s more, unlike many CRMs, Capsule has zero onboarding and setup fees. You simply sign up and start using the tool immediately. Training and onboarding are supported by a well-resourced support center, with a dedicated in-app onboarding process.

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Pipedrive CRM

A screenshot of Gmail showing the Pipedrive sidebar
Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM with sales pipelines, workflow automation, visual dashboards and other useful features to help your sales team. The CRM can be customiz depending on your requirements.

Pipedrive’s Gmail add-on connects with your inbox with a side panel, so that you can see relevant contextual information in your inbox and add new contacts, deals and activities.

Unfortunately, the add-on itself has mixed reviews in the Google Workspace Marketplace; at the time of writing, the app has an average review score of 2.1 out of 5. Some mention that the app itself is too basic and lacks useful Afghanistan Phone Number List functionality, while some find it doesn’t work at all.

Pipedrive’s overall performance means the CRM itself is still worth considering and, hopefully, the integration will improve to match those same standards.


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