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Create Content For Your Website

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Create Content For Your Website

If you have already managed to reach the first places in a search that is relevant to you, it is possible that your competition wants to harm you. Some companies may add inbound links to your website on poor quality pages which can hurt your authority. When it happens to you, I recommend you deindex those links that you observe that are different from those that you have added or that are not secure sites. 9. Monitor the position of your keywords Keyword monitoring is essential to take into account if your actions are on the right track or not.

If you have carried out web positioning actions for specific keywords and you notice that they are still in the same place or have dropped in position, review the tactics to meet your objectives. In this step, I also Slovakia B2B List you to monitor from Google, which are the results that are in the first place, if they have changed or another one has been added and with it, review your keywords or better pages to analyze if it would help you improve your position.

Carry Out Seo Off Page Techniques

Improve your strategy Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, so you should review the actions of your strategy every time the deadline of the objectives is over. It will sound repetitive, but every time you review your plan, I recommend redoing all the steps I mentioned to improve your results. Does your company have an SEO strategy? If you want to improve the positioning of your website, you must have an SEO strategy to carry out all your activities under the same path. In the area of ​​SEO it’s easy to make changes to your website and create backlinks, but you probably won’t see results if they’re not focused.


In addition, you must take into account that SEO does not give you results in the short term, so you must have patience to see your results., so you should analyze how long ago your last link to that url was. 6. Create a spreadsheet for the internal control of your link Since you started creating incoming links to your website, you need to make a document in which you record each of those links. It will help you keep your backlink strategy in order and avoid penalties for mishandling your website.

Monitor The Position Of Your Keywords

As an expert in the area of ​​SEO, I recommend that your document contain the following columns: Email and password you used to access a forum or register on a page URL of the website of the forum, website or blog where you will place your link. Destination URL, that is, the URL of your article or content. Anchor text, word or phrase that you use to link. Final url, where you can find your placed backlink. Link placement date. Authority of the domain and the page (you can get this data with tools like Moz).