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Content Consumed Namibia Phone Number Their Total

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Content Consumed Namibia Phone Number Their Total

First and Second Meetings Steps 1-3: Explore and analyze production process The first two meetings were exploratory. My goal was simply to document the Go Left Marketing content production process (Step 1). I was able to confirm with Michael that his content flow followed most standard content. Creation cycles: step 1-content-creation-cycles. Michael’s company offers many types of content. To determine the Namibia Phone Number agency’s capacity. I asked him to come up with a weekly “content-ask number.” For example, a content ask could be a new webpage, a refreshing of brand content. A blog post, or social media content. A content-ask number represents the total content items needed regardless of type for each client.

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The number helps determine the product flow, each content type is treated the same. In an average week, his company completed about Namibia Phone Number one piece of content for each of its five clients. I asked Michael if these five pieces of content consumed their total writing capacity each week or if he felt the team could do more if clients requested more content. Michael concluded the team’s capacity could stretch to about 15 pieces of content Namibia Phone Number each week. To wrap up, I asked if any major blocks to publishing the content existed. Michael said as long as the content was approved it would be published.

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We produced the weekly publishing capacities: step 2-weekly-publishing. Once we identified the capacity of each stage (Step 2). The bottleneck was Namibia Phone Number obvious – client approval. The funny thing (and this has happened to me many times). Is that the hurdle isn’t obvious until you go through this charting process. All of a sudden, you shift from a “what the heck am I supposed to do to solve this problem” to “hmm, well that is obvious. That is, it Namibia Phone Numbers becomes crystal clear exactly where to focus improvements efforts. Cautionary warning: Take time to observe and analyze the process so as not to waste time on needless or ineffective improvement efforts (Step 3).