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Contains One Ivory Coast Phone Number of the Keywords

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Contains One Ivory Coast Phone Number of the Keywords

If you use your keyword or some semantic variant, then you’ve “done SEO.” How does this play into relevance? Simple. Remember, the users are looking for some thing; they have an intent when they search. They type a query that matches that intent. If your website is successful at targeting that keyword, then you will rank in their query. You have to “do SEO” to be relevant. What good is your website if it’s not relevant Ivory Coast Phone Number enough to rank in the search engines? You have to be relevant not just for users but for search engines too. 5. Put keywords in your meta description The meta description is a bit of code in your web page header.

Relevance of the Ivory Coast Phone Number Website

That displays in the search engine result pages, and tells users what the page is all about. Meta descriptions don’t directly boost SEO. They speak to the Ivory Coast Phone Number user. If a user searches “top lawn mower reviews,” it sees a list of results with meta descriptions for each site. What makes a user click on a result? There are several things: Relevance of the title Relevance of the website URL Relevance of the meta description If the meta description is Ivory Coast Phone Numbers relevant, it probably contains one of the keywords or phrases that the user seeks. If it doesn’t contain the keyword itself, then it should at least describe the nature of the keyword.

Rubber of Relevance Ivory Coast Phone Number Meets

Ivory Coast Phone Number

Here’s an example of how these several meta descriptions accomplish the goal of relevance: meta-descriptions-6 Click to enlarge 6. Write meta descriptions in a Ivory Coast Phone Number sizzling hot style Not only should the meta descriptions contain a keyword or related word, but they should have great style. Remember, when you write a meta description, you’re not trying to game the search engine; you’re inviting the searcher to check out your website. This is Ivory Coast Phone Numbers where the rubber of relevance meets the road. Style does play a part in relevance. If you can use the limited space in your meta description to nail the searcher’s problem, match her intent, and score her interest, you’ve won.