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Consultant With Technical Seo Profile

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Consultant With Technical Seo Profile

We usually click on the first results, ask for information, dig a little, here, there, and make a purchase or pre-purchase decision based on those first results. That is where the importance of search engine optimization lies: that the web page appears in the first results, when a user is looking for a specific service, product or information. It is also right there where the importance of an SEO specialist is found: creating and developing the strategy that will make it possible for the web page to appear in those first results.

Profiles of an SEO consultant Although in theory an SEO consultant has knowledge of all aspects of search engine optimization, in practice it is common for them to have preference or be more Mexico B2B List in one area than another. Within the profiles of an SEO consultant or specialist we can find the technical SEO consultant, the creative or content creator, the analyst and the strategic one. Consultant with Technical SEO profile

Consultant With Creative Or Content Seo Profile

This type of SEO specialist profile is mostly in the planning. Development and implementation of a website, as well as specific on-page optimizations once the site. It is by having knowledge of web development and technical aspects to the updated algorithms of search engines. It is one of the pillars of web positioning, since every page that intends to appear in the first organic search results must meet certain requirements, which the technical SEO expert handles perfectly. And he not only knows them but can implement them in an ideal way for each project.


Knowledge of a technical SEO. At different levels of complexity you should be able to: Identify and correct those factors that prevent. he correct indexing of a website in its entirety. In the same way, it is able to correctly optimize the html tags identify and implement canonicals. As well as the Clean and maintain optimized html code for loading speed in browsers Plan and structure. The architecture of a website, with shallow URLs. Easy for people to remember and for search engines to index.

Seo Consultant With Analyst Profile

Identify and fix broken links Use all relevant meta tags for search engines. or avoid them Identify. Use and create sitemap files for search engines. Correctly configure the .htaccess file Efficiently configure. Yhe  file for the correct indexing of a site Implement microdata and bookmarks. To benefit from rich snippets Configure a custom 404 error that manages to retain the user on. The site Plan and carry out a successful website migration Recognize. The different http status codes that each page must resolve Correctly implement the W3C recommendations