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Compilation of Studies on Social Networks Internet Users and Brands Published in 2013

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Compilation of Studies on Social Networks Internet Users and Brands Published in 2013

If 2013 has been characterized by something, it has undoubtedly been the proliferation of Studies on the use of Social Networks, defining both the profiles of the Users, as well as the behavior of the Online Brands, USA Mobile Database paying special attention to Investment in Advertising and Communication, Mobile Marketing and Content Marketing, as well as the use of Cookies. Below I leave you the links to the articles where the most outstanding conclusions of the reports and the complete studies of the companies that have carried them are exposed:
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Evolution of Social Networks 2009-2012 IAB
Navigators in the AIMC Network
Advertising Investment InfoAdex 2013
5th Investment Study in Mobile Marketing and Advertising MMA Spain Accenture
IAB Social Media Brand Activity Study
Sociodemographic Profile of Spanish Internet Users ONTSI
Twitter report on user behavior Redbility Influenzia
Barometer on the Digitization of SMEs 2013 Plenunmedia
How we can generate engagement on Facebook Ideonomy
Investment study Digital Advertising IAB
IAB Digital Communication Investment Study
Study on the use of Social Networks in Spanish SMEs 2013 Fundación Banesto
Map of Social Networks 2013 IRedes

E-Interactive Content Marketing Report
Guide on the Use of Cookies IAB
V Wave Observatory of Social Networks Saturation of Users? The Cocktail Analysis
Glossary of IAB Digital Terms
Study of Presence in Social Networks of Ibex 35 Companies El País Negocios
Digitization Are Consumers Prepared? Ipsos HighCo
Ranking of the Best Spanish Brands Interbrand
Guide in Spanish of Facebook for Companies Facebook
If you know of more Brother Cell Phone List Studies on the subject that have been published this year, please include them in the comments and thus we will make a more complete compilation to share