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Catarrator an application to get rid of doing what you don’t like

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Catarrator an application to get rid of doing what you don’t like

If there is something that nobody doubts, it is that the future is about mobility and therefore brands put their creatives to think of applications capable of attracting attention and causing virality.
Thanks to Javier Sastre @javisaslo, CMUA Madrid student, I have discovered Catarrator, an application created by Frenadol, the pharmaceutical brand that cures our colds.

Its publicity in recent times made us think United-Arab-Emirates Mobile Database if it was good or bad to cure a cold, depending on the situation, since being greasy sometimes serves as an excuse to get rid of events that we do not want to attend, laziness to go on a Monday to work or spending the weekend with in-laws.

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Along the same lines, the creatives of Frenadol have createdCatarrator, available for IOS and Android.
Just by downloading the application, we can record a message telling us how “bad” we are and in just two steps it will transform our voice so that the message is truly credible.

We can choose between a man and a woman profile and over four levels of congestion to later send it to whoever we want Brother Cell Phone List by WhatsApp, Mail, Twitter or Facebook.
Surely some time Catarrator frees us from having to do what we do not like