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We Brainstormed Lithuania Phone Number Some Possible

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We Brainstormed Lithuania Phone Number Some Possible

If Michael’s client approval capacity is five articles each week. Any pending-approval content after that five would have to sit until the following week. And, if production continues like this week after week. The pending-approval content might be so delayed that the content is outdated before the client ever has the time (capacity) to review and approve it. Step 4. Break the bottleneck After identifying the approval stage as the constraint Lithuania Phone Number in the system. Michael and I brainstormed simple solutions to solve this bottleneck (Step 4). Why could Michael only secure client approval for five pieces of content each week? Why not 10? Or even 100? Through our discussion.

Email Reminders Lithuania Phone Number for Clients

Michael pointed out the fact that many of his clients. Were really busy, and even though he had delivered content that was ready to be approved. Most of the time that content was sitting in an inbox awaiting the attention of his clients. As we brainstormed Lithuania Phone Number some possible solutions. We talked about setting up email reminders for clients. Or, as the agency owners, Michael and Susan could be more persistent in collecting. But The approvals from clients. Then Knowing that Michael had sufficient intuition to create powerful solutions to Lithuania Phone Number this problem, I asked him to continue to ponder new and creative ideas around this bottleneck. As we ended that meeting, Michael decided to: Set up an automated system to send approval reminders to clients Brainstorm different.

Turnaround in Initial Lithuania Phone Number Meetings

Lithuania Phone Number

Then After hearing Michael’s updates. I was extremely impressed with the results. Michael was able to implement the following changes to the editing/approval stage. Thus, Lithuania Phone Number the total client approval stage weekly capacity doubled from five pieces to 10. All content was auto-approved after the specified time lapsed, serving as a safeguard to ensure content passed through this step in a timely manner. Indirect results: The automation process made Michael feel more comfortable expanding his client base, and he was able to close seven more clients during the month. Now, I’m not saying that the changes made caused the six sales; Michael did Lithuania Phone Number that all by himself. (I thought this was a brilliant move, and uniquely aligned to his business knowledge and intuition.). But Direct results: Each client approval time was two times quicker on average.