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Analogy On Seo On Page

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Analogy On Seo On Page

This is a better way of doing things, because from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we are moving to what is called Search Experience Optimization, where what is sought is to more than satisfy the search needs of users, beyond just matching a page with a keyword is to offer a better user experience. SEO is classified into on page and off page. SEO ranking on page and off page On-page SEO. On page optimization is basically concerned with making the page understandable in the eyes of search engines: speak their language, be relevant to them.

Technically it has to do with -first of all- making sure the page is indexed. In the SEO on page we will then find: The quality of content web semantics title optimization Description urls Headers Saint Lucia B2B List optimizations Loading time user experience To mention some that I consider to be the most important. SEO off page This type of search engine optimization focuses – as its name implies – on factors external to the page itself. Among the most important elements for SEO off page we find: Number and quality of links

On To The Off Page Seo Aspect

The presence in social networks brand authority Brand mentions on the internet CTR in your organic results Analogy on SEO on page and off page. How SEO works. At this point, I would like to make an analogy, a bit crude if you will, but for those who do not know SEO yet, it could help them understand what the types of SEO are about. Imagine that you get a little money and decide to open a business, suppose it is a bakery. They find a great place on a corner, rent it, get a great baker and set up the bakery.


Among all the people who pass in front of the bakery, there is Google. The problem is that they forgot one small detail: they forgot to place a sign outside the business saying that the business is a bakery and neither Google nor people enter… Bad start. For the next time Google comes by, you’ve already put an ad -quite striking and bright- at the entrance, so Google enters but doesn’t find names of breads, prices or any other useful information, as it entered, it left…

Classification Of Seo Techniques

We are not doing very well with Google huh! The following week you have put your batteries: you have separated all the breads on shelves, dividing vol-au-vents, pastries, sweet bread, salt bread…, you have placed prices and names on each of your products, et voilá! You win the jackpot because Google walks back into your business, says “wow, great info”, takes note of everything it sees and goes to store it all in its huge database. Along the way, Google finds a person who asks, “Hey Google, do you know where they sell ham and cheese vol-au-vents?”