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The poets life can be learne during the excursion Kyiv of Vasyl Stus . Such an eucational weekend will cost about hryvnias euros. As you know the Ukrainian capital is divide into two banks of the Dnieper. Although the historic center of the city is locate on the right bank the left bank is considere no less interesting and preserves its history. What is worth getting acquainte with the history of the Lost Poznyaks.

This individual tour will tell you a lot

Of interesting things for example how the neighborhood museum of the same name was create or how the natives protect their outposts. What else might surprise you during Poland Telegram Number Data this tour Have you ever seen cozy white country houses lurking among the highrise giants of modern housing estates It looks amazing and really unusual You can book a Lost Poznyaki tour for just UAH . As we have already said Kyiv is a diverse and modern city.


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Street art is considere one of the features of Kyiv

Painte walls of buildings frescoes mosaics all this is scattere in different areas of the Ukrainian capital. But this art looks quite harmonious. The scale of the Poland Phone Number List artistic beauty of Kyiv is so great that the famous anonymous artist of street art Banksy could not pass by the city. To look at the artistic beauty of street art in Kyiv we recommend visiting an individual Street Art tour the price of which will be about . thousand hryvnias or euros. You will be surprise but not all the history of Kyiv is on the surface of the city. Walking through the narrow streets of the old city you will soon immerse yourself in its rich history and legends which melt under.


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