5 “Super Simple Health Flower Teas”

that Petty Women Must Know to Make You Beautiful No Matter How Busy You Are at Work!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

Apr 12, 2021 Posted at 9:19 PM
Special author: Dousha

What can office workers/students who don’t like to drink water drink? If you spend a long time in front of the computer every day and don’t have time to exercise after get off work, you can try low-sugar and low-calorie health-preserving flower tea. The brewing method is very simple. Instead of spending money on high-calorie cold drinks, it is better to develop the habit of brewing health-preserving tea yourself!


Chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea

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Suitable for: People who use computers for a long time, people who get tired easily, people who often go to bed late or stay up late

Effects: nourishes the kidney and liver, regulates liver fire, improves eyesight and calms the mind

Brewing method: a small amount of wolfberry + appropriate amount of dried chrysanthemum + water


1. People with weak spleen and El-Salvador Phone Number List stomach, prone to diarrhea, and weak body should not drink too much

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Mint Osmanthus Tea

Suitable for: People who get tired easily

Effect: refreshing, refreshing, beautifying

Brewing method: mint leaves + osmanthus + water


1. It is not suitable for Algeria Phone Number List people with hot body constitution

2. Drink osmanthus mint tea in moderation. Excessive drinking may cause dizziness.


Mint Rose Tea

Suitable for: mental workers

Effect: It can strengthen the heart and brain function, refresh the mind and promote blood circulation



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