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5 Email Marketing Tips (How to Keep Online Customers Engaged in Your Products)

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5 Email Marketing Tips (How to Keep Online Customers Engaged in Your Products)

Internet marketing can be done using various methods, although SEO and PPC are among the best ways of attracting traffic. But what is the best way for obtaining repeated business? One solution is through email marketing.

Email marketing can be one of the most profitable and powerful marketing tools to promote any business. It is simply using standard electronic mail notifications that commonly market services or products. Italy Business Email Database This kind of promotion usually begins with a sign-up form which captures an email address from your lead.

This email address then can be used for building good relationships with your customers and educating them about your numerous products and services. However sending emails with the sole intention of increasing your sales is not the most effective campaign plan. An effective campaign requires extra effort which could include the five guidelines suggested here.

1) Use an opt-in form.

Typically an opt-in form is a box which a visitor to your site fills in with contact information thereby signifying they wish to be contacted through specific means of communication. It is not that difficult to obtain an email address, but you need to be certain that you are granted the permission for sending information to that email ID prior to adding that email address to your email list. You want permission to

avoidannoying visitors who get email which they did not desire or request. Moreover in many countries there are laws concerning unwarranted emails and if you are not using opt-ins you may be violating these laws.

Another option which is yet not very common but can protect you from being accused of spamming is the use of double opt-ins. This feature confirms from the person whether his or her email address should be placed in the contact list or not through an initial email response.

2) Apart from using promotions, offer something extra.